Have a Go's

 These are held at variouse locations throughout the year and give people, young and old the opportunity to experience archery in a fun atmosphere. Instruction is given to all by qualified and experience archers.










27th August 2023

A great time was had by all when we hosted a mini 'have a go' for a group of disabled people all suffering from MS. Having recieved training in the basics of archery the group went on to play a game which required the bursting of balloons in set order. This was a change from the groups normal activity and soon became very competitive whith each team scoring highly.


We were pleased to support the celebrations at the Barnby Dunn and Kirk Sandall Sports Association event. The weather was good and our 'have a go' was very well recieved, and gave a wide variety of people the oppourtunity to try a new sport - archery.

ASKERN GALA - September 2017:

A great day was had by all with even Sherrif Woody finding time to drop in and enjoy a bit of archery

DICE August 2015

Our last event of 2015 and it turned out to be the best. Held at Austerfields Study Centre on behalf of the Doncaster Inclusive Centre of Excellence (DICE) where a group of people with learning difficulties experianced archery for the first time and had a really good time.

A big smile at Austefields

Edlington Gala June 2015

This is the first time that we have attended this event and it proved to be a very rewarding day. There was a lot giong on for all the family. Fantastic weather and arround 150 people visited out display and enjoyed archery

Sprotbrough June 2015

Good weather, a great growd and still time for practice at Sprotbrough

Askern Gala June 2015

As good as ever and a great oppoourtunity to illustrate the benefits of Archery to a wide audience.


Our 'Have a Go' was part of the 'BIG Weekend' with the prime objective to introduce as many people as possible to the great sport of archery. The weather was kind to us and the Carnival was a big success and very well attended with over 150 people, young and old trying archery.


A BIG thumbs up for archery at Cantley Park Carnival

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